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It is interesting to note that even if the real estate business goes through a boom and bust cycle, the home inspection side of things has never been affected. In fact, ever since the mid-1970’s, the home inspection business has only thrived. This is because regardless of what the market is doing, homes are being bought and sold, it just may not be a high number at all times. And everyday people want the house inspected before they make such a huge investment, regardless of what their financial situation is. And this is when, you, the home inspector comes into the picture. However, before you go running off to become a home inspector, there are a few things that you need to know. The following are some tips.

First things First

If you guessed that you will need some sort of licensing or certification to become a home inspector, then you guessed right. There is a lot riding on the words of a home inspector.  Therefore the authorities do not want just anyone to walk up and try to do the job. Think of a home inspector as a doctor, a doctor for houses. The inspector will show up at the designated house and basically start looking for anything that could be wrong with the house.

You need to be able to inspect equipment and understand if it meets certain quality guidelines.  For example, if you are inspecting the HVAC and water system, you need to have studied tankless water heater reviews to have a good understanding if the home has a good system in place.

There are a few states such as California and Colorado to name a couple, that does not legally require you to be licensed. But even in those instances, it will be difficult to earn people’s trust and get into the business without a license.

There are a lot of places you can go to and take classes and then sit for the exam, even online options. But one of the top providers of home inspection courses is Kaplan. After satisfactorily completing the course you will be able to take the state’s certification exam. Once you are on your way to start a career, there are options such as joining a home inspection organization, such as ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors). It is not required by the law or anything like that, but joining an organization like ASHI will help you keep up to date on all things home inspection.

Cover Your Bases

It may be rare, but home inspectors can get into legal trouble. Just as doctors have to get malpractice insurance, home inspectors need to get liability insurance. This is to cover your back for two possible scenarios. The first one could be an irritated seller who does not like the recommendations or issues you make regarding the health of a house. The second is when the seller tries to do modifications himself that you recommended and ends up injuring himself in the process. Again, these instances are rare, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you have to get licensed to start working in your state, then get the help of a lawyer when filing any paperwork regarding licensing.

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